Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Knockoff Wheat Thins

I am very fortunate that, when it comes to food, I am inspired in both my real life and in my virtual life.  On the internets, I often turn to Smitten Kitchen for inspiration, as was the case when I saw her recipe for homemade wheat thins.  That was a stone I could not leave unturned.

I love making knockoff versions of anything (exhibits 1, 2, and 3).  These were almost too good to be true.  So easy!  So delicious looking! 

And they were easy . . . until I got to the rolling.  Rolling crackers as thin as wheat thins is HARD.  And I have chicken arms.  It took awhile.

And it took a lot of flour.  And it took some work to get my dough to roll into a rectangular-ish shape.  But I did it (this was the first roll - I'm not perfect) and it was worth it.

Because they were awesome.  Further accentuating their awesomeness was my real life food inspiration, my friend from All She Wants to Do is Bake.  She is very busy (which is why her fabulous blog is updated sporadically) and very fancy, and we had a lunch date yesterday that involved her VERY delicious homemade hummus.  And you know what it tasted great with?  These homemade, knock off wheat thins.  We were a match made in culinary heaven.

Much like these booties and I are a match in sartorial heaven.

Narciso Rodriguez via Barneys

I believe I am meant to wear them to lunch with the aforementioned friend, eating the aforementioned snack, while looking FANTASTIC.

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