Monday, October 1, 2012

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

This is another recipe that I made aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago that did not meet great reviews from the F, but did meet great reviews from my colleagues, one of whom told me that she was thrilled the F didn't like them because that meant she could have more.

I can't recall ever having made cookies with shortening in the past, so I was skeptical.  I also added flaxseed, my new favorite ingredient, and used whole wheat flours.  I am certain that the flax addition and the change in flour changed the texture of these cookies dramatically, but they were still tasty.

They were almost like little muffins, light and airy with the perfect amount of banana.  Great for breakfast, actually, because they weren't particularly sweet and went very well with a cup of coffee.

While the F didn't particularly care for them at first, once he drizzled honey over one his tune changed - within moments they were gobbled up and my fellow librarians were out of luck.

The sudden love that the F had for these muckies (that would be a muffin/cookie hybrid, for those not quick with these things) was duplicated in my heart the minute I saw these booties:

Alejandro Ingelmo via Saks

My heart pitter-pattered at the sight of them, and I believe they will be forever in my dreams from this moment forward (much as I know the F dreams of my cooking).  My goal may be to save for them, at this point, because I could see them gracing a party of some sort in the near future.  They need to.  Desperately.

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