Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Crispy Tilapia with Red Sauce

While it continues to not be my favorite, I am coming around to tilapia and its place in my cooking repertoire.

This time I breaded it in a combination of panko and spicy Italian seasoning, pan fried it, and served it atop quinoa and spinach, with a store-bought marinara. 

It couldn't have possibly been easier, which I liked.  I don't know that tilapia (or any gilled fish, for that matter) will ever be my favorite, but this was the best its been so far (previous attempts here and here).

I know that opinions will likely vary from mine, but I think my favorite Kardashian (Khloe, for those who don't know) would agree that these may be the best boots CL has done so far:

Christian Louboutin via Bergdorf Goodman

And only Mrs. Odom could rock these booties in the way they deserve.  I would fall over.  In fact, I'm still recovering from the last time I DID fall over in super-high heels.  But that is a story for another day . . .

PS - Dear Khloe Kardashian Odom - If for some reason you stumble upon this blog post and wonder "why would this chick talk about me in a post where she is also discussing fish?" please accept my apologies.  This post and my spotting these booties occurred simultaneously, and I couldn't not give a shout out, because (1) they made me think of you and (2) I think you're wonderful and I wish you and Lamar the best.  You both seem lovely and hilarious.  XO - Ash

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