Monday, October 8, 2012

Holy Guacamole

Despite my documented distaste for yogurt, Greek yogurt in particular, I find myself trying to incorporate it into my diet because I am not totally blind to the health benefits.  With football season in full swing (GO BEARS!!!) I decided that, this year, I am going to make some of our favorite things with a healthy-ish spin.  First up, guacamole.

I combined 4 avocados, a whole bunch of jarred jalapenos (that's a technical term, obviously.  I used about half a jar), and garlic in my food processor, along with a cup of greek yogurt.  I pulsed that mixture until it was relatively smooth, with a few chunks of avocado and jalapeno throughout.  I don't like my guac too smooth, but you could completely smooth it out if you prefer.

I then added an 8 oz. container of store bought pico de gallo to the avocado mixture (I have made pico, myself, in the past, but this is so much easier), and gave it a good stir.

And then I put together this artsy presentation because I'm hooked on instagram and a poolside shot of guacamole seemed like a good idea.  Healthy poolside guacamole is awesome (and for any interested parties, this chip and dip server can be found here).

Also awesome:  The F booked our honeymoon!  I still have absolutely NO idea where we're going, but I suspect that I'll be walking a LOT.  Enter Cole Haan and Maria Sharapova:

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about these flats and the Nike Air cushioning, so I definitely think they're worth it for 15 days of traipsing about a foreign country.  Have any of you tried these flats?  Are they worth it?!

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