Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tequila Chicken

This recipe is a sort-of knock off of Applebee's tequila lime chicken (now known as "fiesta lime chicken," or some BS because apparently people weren't ordering it because of the tequila part [which was what drew me to the dish in the first place] . . . what is the matter with people?) and sort of random yet totally delicious.

I marinated two chicken breasts in two shots of tequila, with approximately 1/4 cup of cilantro, for about 4 hours.  In the mean time, I combined 1/4 cup of light ranch dressing with 3/4 cup of salsa.

I grilled the chicken breasts so they were browned on both sides, then placed them in a baking dish, topped them with the salsa mixture and some grated monterey jack cheese, and baked them at 325 for about 20 minutes.

I served the chicken breasts over some Uncle Ben's "taco rice" and topped them with jalapenos.  They, seriously, tasted awesome.  Had I put the chicken breasts over tortilla strips, as they do at Applebee's, I'm almost certain I would have preferred my version.  As it was I thought my version was fantastic, and had FAR less calories than the Applebee's original (thereby placing it firmly within the weekday diet)!

Not fantastic:

Elisanero via Saks.

These are freakin' gross.  Seriously.  Just about the ugliest shoes I've ever seen.  Next to Crocs.  And Uggs.  Really, it's a three-way tie on that one.

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  1. Anything with TEQUILA in the title has to be good LOL