Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pizza Muffins

I feel like this week's posts are all about the F.  He claims that I only cook for the blog, but the peanut butter and pepperoni recipes beg to differ.

In the past, I've put pepperoni in all manner of things, from my pizza bread to pasta.  So when I saw this recipe for pizza muffins on pinterest, I figured I'd better add it to the repertoire.

(You can tell by the background that there was a LOT of cookin' go on the day I made these (which was the day of the Oscars).  These muffins were definitely keepers.  They were good on their own, and even more delicious dipped in pizza sauce.  A great, easy snack for weekends or whenever!  And I'd venture to guess that they'd freeze well, too.

I need your opinion, peeps:

Dolce Vita via Nordstrom

Do we think it would be difficult to walk in these beauties?  I love the neon pop against the neutrals.  I love the architectural feel.  But I'm not sure I'd love falling on my ass behind in front of coworkers.  Thoughts?

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