Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oatmeal Cookies (with a lil somethin' extra)

Have you ever found yourself in the kitchen, wanting to whip something up but unsure of what, exactly, you're in the mood for?  How about some oatmeal?  I could really go for some coconut . . . or chocolate . . . or raisins . . . or something.  It happens to me.  And then I bake.

That is the perfect storm, peeps.  Brown sugar.  White sugar.  Cinnamon.  A smidgen of cocoa powder.  Salt.  Baking powder.  Whole wheat flower.  Wheat germ.  Battery acid.

Just checkin' to see if you're actually reading.  I left the acid out this time.

Then, you know, mix it up and why NOT add some coconut, and some chocolate chips, and some raisins?  WHY NOT?

If you chose not to go this route, to choose a different direction entirely, you wouldn't end up with these cookies.  And you wouldn't have cleaned out all of the random baking supplies from your pantry.  As somebody who is moving in the next couple of weeks, I can tell you that a cleaned-out pantry is a huge weight off one's shoulders.

To compensate for the weight off my shoulders, perhaps I should add some wings to my feet.

Balenciaga via Barneys

Because without the weight, surely I'll be able to fly.  Surely.

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