Friday, December 17, 2010

Stuffed Pork Loin and More Excuses

Once again . . . I'm the crappiest blogger in the history of blogs.  Seriously.  BUT!  I am happy to report that while I've been slacking off on the blog, lots of great things have been happening:
  1. I got great news that I can't share yet, but that I'm very excited about
  2. I've won TWO gift cards by answering meaningless trivia questions through the kickball league that the BF and I participate in
  3. I won a giveaway over at JC's Loft
  4. I won a giveaway over at style/SWOON
  5. and I'm off of work until 2011!!!!
If you ask me, that is a GREAT week!  And to top it off, the BF and I went to an awesome Christmas party on Wednesday, and we have another tonight (hence the lack of cooking, on my part).  OH!  And I planned a Christmas menu (and the BF planned a Christmas Eve menu)!  We're so productive!

Sorry to go on, peeps, sometimes it's just nice to reminisce about all of the lovelies that have made my week FABULOUS!  Earlier this week, I made a delicious stuffed pork loin that was so easy, I could hardly believe it.

First, cut open a piece (or two) of pork loin and sprinkle with celery salt, garlic powder, and pepper (I used about 2/3 of a pound of pork for the BF and I).

Then, layer the pork with a slice of provolone cheese, a slice (or two) of deli ham, and lots of fresh baby spinach.

Roll the pork up, jelly roll style, and either tie with kitchen twine or spear with small bamboo skewers (I think it's obvious which option I chose) and bake for about 20 minutes at 350.  After baking, let the pork sit for about 10 minutes before slicing.

and Voila!  Delicious, fancy-looking stuffed pork that is quick, easy, and healthy!

I got quite dressed up for Wednesday night's holiday fiesta, so I'm going a little more casual tonight:  jeans, sequins, and . . .

Fendi via Barneys.

Well, not THESE booties.  But I'll certainly be imagining wearing these while kickin' up my heels.


  1. That is one great week!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure which I love more that stuffed pork or those shoes hmmmmmmm......


  2. I'm waiting for the answer to #1....