Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Dinner, Part One

I am sad to admit that I bit off a bit more than I could chew for Christmas dinner this year.  I overcooked my prime rib (which had me nearly in tears), my Madeira sauce boiled over and made a HUGE mess, and the souffle prep, while easy, did not help the chaos I already had going on.  Despite my failures in the kitchen, the BF and I had a FABULOUS Christmas!

Even though the prime rib was overcooked, and more of the Madeira sauce ended up on my stove top than I thought was humanly possible, the flavors were great.

I rubbed my 6 pound rib roast with olive oil, then sprinkled a solid layer of salt and pepper over the fat.  I used this recipe and, because I'm a dope, followed the directions for cooking time to a T (not necessary when you're not making a roast of the same size).  Either way, delicious smells filled the apartment while the BF and I played Mario Brothers on our new Nintendo Wii.

The Madeira sauce was easy enough to make and, had I kept a better eye on it, it wouldn't have boiled over.  I also made this horseradish sauce.  I did NOT want the BF to experience a sauce shortage during Christmas dinner.

The sauce was delicious and having two sauces more than made up for the fact that my meat was overcooked.  Delicious, but overcooked.

When all was said and done, we had quite the little Christmas table going on.  Prime rib, two sauces, roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes (leftover from the night before, for the BF) and spinach and parmesan souffles (post to come on those).

Please ignore the boxes in the background.  Because we live so far away from family, we received many boxes, most of which have yet to make it to the trash!

Once again, it's a bit chilly down in Florida, and I'm finding myself longing for shoes that look crazy AND keep my feet warm.

Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck.

These certainly fit the bill.  For 2011, I resolve to purchase these booties!

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  1. Those are some weird looking shoes! They don't even look normal!