Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Dinner, Part Two

The second exciting item on our Christmas dinner menu was spinach and parmesan souffles.  After my prime rib "disaster" (in my mind it will remain a disaster) I was thrilled with how the souffles turned out, especially considering I'd never made a souffle before.  Ever!

I was terrified of souffles, before this recipe.  I can remember watching some movie with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore, in which souffles represented Mandy's failed love life.  Or something like that.  Or maybe they weren't supposed to represent that, but they did to me.  Also, the fact that all I remember about said Keaton/Moore movie is souffles is quite sad and indicative of how I do all of my thinking with my stomach.

Despite being terrified that my souffles would cave in, like poor Mandy's love life, I set out to slowly fold in my egg whites and carefully divide the mixture into 4 ramekins (I cut the Bon Appetit recipe in half).

After baking for EXACTLY 30 minutes, per recipe instructions, my souffles were puffy, golden brown, and exactly what I'd hoped for. 

Do they look exactly like the picture from Bon Appetit?  No.  Do they look, possibly, slightly overcooked?  Sure.  Did they cave in completely after 5 minutes on the counter, making me concerned that my love life would suffer a similar fate a'la Ms. Moore?  Yes . . . and no.  But they were DARN tasty in spite of all of those things.

Unlike my souffles, these shoes are PERFECT and in no danger of falling flat.

Christian Louboutin via Neiman Marcus.

Although I may be in danger of tripping and falling flat, should these ever find their way to my feet.


  1. I have never attempted a souffle...but seeing your process makes it a little less scary!

    LOVE those friggn shoes...LOVE!



    It should come as no surprise that I have never made a souffle and probably never WILL. I've never even eaten one even though they look delicious. There is this souffle restaurant in Dallas that is supposed to be really good, called Rise. Great job on yours! Makes me want to eat a souffle for the first time...but not one that I've cooked...ha!

  3. I need that souffle and that shoe.