Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spicy Chicken Tomato Pitas

A while ago, I was looking for something light and tasty and different than my usual chicken dinner dishes.  This recipe for spicy chicken tomato pitas caught my eye, and turned out awesome.

With the exception of taking the time to dice up the tomatoes, this recipe was incredibly quick and easy, and I couldn't believe how amazing the flavors were.

While I don't think these are filling enough for supper, I would definitely make them again for lunch.  They would also pack well, for a picnic or take-to-work lunch!

My trip to Minnesota left me VERY thankful to live in Florida.  While I was informed that it wasn't "that cold" while we were there, I felt like I was developing hypothermia every time I walked outside.  Now that I'm back in the sunshine state, strappy sandals seem in order!

Yves St. Laurent via net-a-porter.

It doesn't get much better than these, if you ask me!


  1. Ash, I need that recipe! It looks awesome! And those shoes are quite fabulous, although I could never wear them they would look great on you!!