Friday, February 3, 2012

Quickie Friday: Puffy Breakfast

Ahh the potato puff.  Once something I never thought I would prepare, now prepared and re-purposed for breakfast.

(I apologize for the crappy photo.  Again.)  That, peeps, is a lightly fried egg atop said puff, prepared for the F's breakfast pleasure.  (Another of my [many] food quirks is that I do not like to eat egg yolks, unless they are thoroughly mixed with a greater number of egg whites [scrambled eggs with a 3 egg-white-to-one-egg-yolk ratio are acceptable]).  Because I am a bizarre-ly picky eater, the F benefits.  And he LOVED this.  It's nice to know I am a good cook, even when preparing things I will not eat.  Ha!

This week is obviously (and unintentionally) t-strap week:

Since there is no way that I can afford the Guccis I posted earlier this week, these will certainly suffice.

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