Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Super(ball): Part Three

The final event in the Super(ball) extravaganza occurred thanks to Tasting Table, which arrives in my inbox everyday and delights me to no end (today's recipe was about pork and bourbon.  What's not to love?!).  Typically I am not a lover of these sorts of meatballs, but the title "Have a Ball:  Meatballs get Cheesy" won me over, and I went for it.

This was the first time I'd used fresh bread to make my bread crumbs, and I really do believe it made all the difference (I also used the fresh bread for these balls, too).

These balls did require a bit more work than the last, in that they required a brief stint in my grill pan prior to baking.  But it was well worth it.

The F didn't even think that these balls required sauce, which is saying a great deal as he prefers nearly all foods with sauce.  These were great reheated as well as an appetizer, and would be ideal thrown on top of some spaghetti.

The F is in the throes of planning our honeymoon and telling me enough to make me want to know more but not enough so that I have any idea what he's planning.  I do, however, have reason to believe that it will involve Europe and yours truly rockin' these:

Miu Miu via Barneys

Flat, comfortable-looking, and go with any and everything.  Perfect for a European honeymoon.  Or a beach honeymoon.  Or a safari honeymoon.  Or an Alaskan honeymoon.  Ok, maybe not that.

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