Monday, October 25, 2010

Vive la French Toast!

Another addition to my list of favorite things:  french toast.  And to be more specific:  french toast on buns (hamburger, hot dog, whatever . . . I'm not picky).  The reason for this love of bun-ified french toast is that buns have a higher sugar content than other bread products, and therefore make french toast taste better.  So much better.

I would love to tell you how to make this french toast, exactly, but I can't.  The reason I can't is because I grew up watching my parents make this concoction, sans recipe, and I have never measured its ingredients.  I eyeball all of them.  So I am going to try to explain this in eyeball terms.

One egg (easy enough to eyeball, right?)
Milk, enough to fill your dish so that it's half as high as a piece of bread
Salt, enough to dust the yolk of the egg so it's lightly coated
Sugar, enough so that it creates a small heap half the size of the egg yolk
Vanilla, about a tablespoon (not easy to eyeball, but easy to measure, HA!)
Cinnamon, about a tablespoon (again, measureable)

Whip it all together with a fork, dip your buns (or bread, if you think my bun suggestion is weird), and throw them on a griddle until golden brown!

It may not look appetizing, but it is darn tasty.  Thank God for the French and their toast!

Now that I've satisfied my need for gorgeous over the knee boots, I've moved on . . . to these . . .

Loeffler Randall via Barneys.

My mother managed to introduce me to the wonderful world of (GASP) patterned tops last weekend so I figured, what the hell, why not patterned shoes, too?!  I like that these aren't TOO MUCH.  They'd look great peeking out from underneath a pair of wide-legged pants, methinks, or with a black pencil skirt.

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  1. Hot dog don't say! I seem to always have extra hot dog buns so now I know what to do with them! Um, I want those shoes. Can you some how let my hubby know so I can receive these under the tree this year please and thank you : )