Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Steakhouse-Style Dinner - The Final Chapter

The third component of my steakhouse style dinner on Friday (parts one and two) was Food & Wine's gorgonzola-roasted mushrooms and onions.  This recipe could not have been easier or more delicious.

I used baby portobello mushrooms and a HUGE red onion, as well as more gorgonzola than the recipe called for (because cheese makes everything better) but followed the rest of the directions exactly!  The BF declared this side dish disgusting, as he is a hater of mushrooms, but the BF's sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the final product!

Perfectly roasted and amazingly delicious, if I do say so myself!

After a night of little sleep (thank you drunk, obnoxious neighbors who woke me from my peaceful slumber and insisted on talking . . . or yelling, depending on who you ask . . . about some sort of fighting outside of my window) I was in no mood to put together any sort of fabulous ensemble today, so my trusty combination of black cropped pants, neutral tank, black jacket and black flats came in handy.

Cue my Sam Edelman Candela flats (this image via Shoes.com).  My pair are so beat up that I didn't want to burn your eyeballs . . .

. . . if I did that, who would read my blog?!

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  1. Ok now I could rock those shoes at playgroup : )