Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hot Diggity

As my favorite hot dog

can tell you, I LOVE HOT DOGS.  I've never met a hot dog I didn't like.  The BF's parents were kind enough to send me some Omaha Steaks last week and, lucky for me, THEY CAME WITH FREE HOT DOGS!  (Yes, I am probably the only person in the WHOLE WORLD who likes hot dogs this much.  I get it.  And ya know what, peeps?  I like hot dogs EVEN BETTER when they're being served to me by a 40-something waitress at a Cubs game.  I'm just sayin.)

Ok, enough of the hot dog tirade (or something).  On Sunday, I decided to amp up one of my favorite foods with a little trick I learned from Tyler Florence:  boil the hot dogs in water seasoned with minced garlic and salt before grilling, then grill away.

I couldn't believe how much more plump these hot diggities got after about 10 minutes in their garlic bath.  It made them taste that much better after they were grilled (or, in my case, charred and crispy).  I toasted up some store bought buns, and topped my delicious dog with hot sauce, ketchup, and shredded white cheddar.

It might not be much to look at, but DAMN it tasted good!  Speaking of tasting good:

Christian Louboutin via Saks.

If these were food, they would be a hot dog.  For sure.


  1. HOLLA I like hot dogs to...when they're being served to me by a 40-something waitress at a CARDS game. I'm just sayin....hahahahaha. If Danielle reads this she'll agree with me : )

  2. hahahaha! I can't stand baseball period, so it wouldn't matter what baseball game I was at as long as I was stuffing my face with hot dogs served to me by an unfortunate individual! LMAO!