Sunday, October 17, 2010

Homemade Potato Chips and Onion Dip

Saturdays and Sundays usually involve a lot of cleaning, cooking, football, and eating of chips and some sort of dip, so this weekend I decided to jazz it up a bit and make my own chips, as well as this french onion dip.  The potato chips were very easy, albeit time consuming to deep fry, and the dip turned out well (I substituted white pepper for black pepper for the dip, since I put black pepper on my chips).

For my birthday (which is this week!  YAY!) the BF's sister got me the KitchenAid shredder/slicer attachment (thank you!) and it is AWESOME.

It sliced the potatoes in a perfect, even size, and FAST.  I love fast.  What was not fast was soaking all of the chips in water, twice, for an hour at a time.

While my chips soaked, I got the onions ready for the dip.

Caramelizing onions ALSO takes a long time.  These bad boys took over an hour, but it was sooooooo worth it in the end.  While the dip "rested" in the fridge for an hour or so, I deep-fried the chips in 375 degree oil, for 5 minutes a batch (in small batches).  The chips were awesome (if greasy, as a good potato chip should be) and the dip had tons more flavor than anything you can buy in a store!

And they both tasted even better served in football bowls.  Obviously.

I saw these boots (boots . . . again . . . I know) in a Piperlime ad this morning and I love them.

Much more in my price range than the Elizabeth & James boots I posted earlier, but still . . . probably not Florida appropriate 99% of the time and yet, I love them.


  1. Wow, these look awesome too!! We might just cook all weekend and never leave your apartment (except to shop, of course)!!
    Love you!! :)

  2. The chips and dip look delish! I'm totally, completely impressed. I LOVE homemade chips.