Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brown Butter and a Birthday

Sorry for the slowdown in posts this week, peeps; the BF's sister is in town and we have been much too busy having a fabulous time (and working, boo) so the blog has been neglected.  Last night, however, was her birthday, so I whipped up some tasties to celebrate!

First up on the menu, Giada's ravioli with balsamic brown butter.  As an avid reader of Vogue, I first became intrigued by brown butter's offerings when Jeffrey Steingarten (my personal hero - seriously.  The man was a lawyer, decided he didn't want to be one, and went to write about food . . . for Vogue . . . can you say "THIS MAN IS LEADING THE LIFE I WANT?!"  ANYONE!!!) wrote about it in Vogue, some time ago.  When Giada presented this fabulous looking recipe on her "dating tips for the bachelor" episode, I had to try it.

I am nothing if not a bachelor.

Or something.

I used some very tasty Buitoni pre-made ravioli, filled with a combination of ground beef and spicy italian sausage, as well as parmesan in a shaker.  Very bachelor-like, see?!

The dish went over well, and we even had leftovers!  But not for Arnie.

Poor thing.  Additionally, these shoes are awesome:

Finsk via Solestruck

And I wore boring shoes today, so I have to fantasize about what $600 could get me.  *sigh*

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