Monday, September 24, 2012

Black Bean Croquettes

"What's for dinner?" the F asked me, well over a month ago.  When I responded, ever-so-casually, "black bean croquettes," a look of abject terror appeared on his face.  It was like I had told him our house was on fire, or Arnie had been kidnapped.  He was not thrilled.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that this recipe was the easiest to make in the world.  It's hard to mash black beans (at least it is when you have spindly Olive Oil arms, like yours truly) and I was honestly afraid these were going to turn out badly when I started mashing.  When I started incorporating the other ingredients, though, things came together.

I made mine extra spicy (of course) and got WAY more than 8 balls, as the serving size suggested in the recipe (I ended up with about 12).  I also baked mine on my baking stones, and used store-bought (aka lazy) salsa instead of making my own.  All worthwhile edits, in my opinion.

We ate them with avocado, fat free sour cream, more lazy salsa, and whole wheat, high fiber tortillas.  Two balls were so filling that I don't know how the recipe wanted me to make them bigger.  Despite his initial reaction, the F loved these and took the leftovers for lunch, willingly, for the rest of the week.  Success!

I was catching up on my favorite website, Go Fug Yourself, recently, and (as they often do) were discussing the Duchess of Cambridge and her penchant to successfully wear (and look fabulous in) Alexander McQueen.  And then, shortly thereafter, I saw these:

Alexander McQueen via Bergdorf Goodman

The serendipitous viewing of the Duchess looking stunning in McQueen, followed by these shoes being stunning McQueen's, leads me to believe that the two should unite.  I like it when she steps outside of her pretty pretty princess box, and these shoes would certainly do the trick!

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