Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Super(ball): Sans Balls

And we're back!  I apologize for the long hiatus, peeps, but sometimes a girl's just gotta step away for awhile.  If you recall, prior to my absence, I was going on and on and on about the Superbowl and all of the delicious balls I whipped up for the big event.

This dip relates to balls in no way, shape, or form, but was nonetheless a part of the major spread I created for the F and myself.  A little Hormel beanless chili combined with onions?  Why yes, I think I'll start there!

The chili mixture was layered atop a package of fat free cream cheese (spread to cover the bottom of the baking dish), then topped with jalapenos.

The whole thing was topped with shredded cheese, then baked at 325 degrees until hot and bubbly.  We enjoyed this dip with whole wheat tortilla chips and, of course, all of the balls!

In the spirit of wonderful dips and other wonderful things, I present to you these, which are on wonderful sale:

 Yves Saint Laurent via Barneys

If your feet are a size 10, that is.  Sadly, mine are not, so I present them in the hopes that one of my dear readers loves a good sale and a beautiful shoe as much as I do!!!

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