Thursday, March 15, 2012

Favorite Things Thursday: For the Love of the Fryer

I think I have made mention, on more than one occasion, of my love of my deep-fat fryer.  In fact I know I have (Exhibits A, B, C, and D, for your enjoyment).  And so I present to you another favorite thing, my deep fryer.

Or, more accurately, this DeLonghi D895UX Cool-Touch ROTO Electric 1-1/2-Pound-Capacity Food Fryer, which is the closest approximation to my deep fryer that I could find on the internet (size, shape, features, etc., are all very similar). 

While I certainly don't recommend deep-frying EVERY day, I do recommend it for impressing friends and family with your ability to make perfect knock-offs of their favorite bar treats.  Seriously, peeps, pick one up and make yourself some french fries.  You won't be disappointed.

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