Friday, June 10, 2011

Quickie Friday: Wonderful Waffles

There is nothing better than a quick, easy, healthy breakfast.  In times past, I whipped this up with store-bought (*GASP*), whole wheat waffles.

I recently upped my game to homemade whole wheat waffles, which I make in mass quantities and freeze to reheat LIKE a store bought waffle, but better.

Regardless of the waffle's point of origin, I top it with a tablespoon of almond butter and whatever berries I have on hand, whether frozen or fresh.  Quick, easy, healthy, filling, delicious.

These are not as cheap as my typical Quickie Friday shoe fixation, but given my obsession with wedges, they needed to be included:

Plus they're on sale.  And I love a sale.


  1. Waffles with Nutella and bananas!! My favorite. Love those shoes :)

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  3. I actually have those shoes in black. :-) I would probably trade them to you for some of the Mediterranean strata. lol