Friday, June 3, 2011

Quickie Friday: Sauteed Mushrooms

I hope everybody had a swell short-week, and is ready to start the weekend (I know I am)!  This quickie Friday I bring you one of my favorite foods, MUSHROOMS.  The BF may hate them, but I enjoy them as a side dish as often as I can.

I saute approximately one cup of mushrooms in a tablespoon of olive oil until the mushrooms just start to get tender, then I throw in a couple of tablespoons (each) of madeira and pinot noir and let it simmer.  Season with salt and pepper and you have a tasty, easy side dish for the mushroom lovers in your life!

I cannot believe I'm about to post these:

Wal-mart.  I HATE Wal-mart.  I always feel like I need to bathe in bleach when I leave Wal-mart.  But these sandals are cute.  Thank GOD for online shopping, eh, peeps?!


  1. ahhaaaaahhaa!! funny! those are pretty cute, though :) And I love mushrooms but have never made them as a side dish before b/c erik hates them. But i really should get around to it. yum!

  2. The schrooms sound great, toss them with some macaroni and I am set. As for Walmart, I forgive you for shopping there. :)