Friday, May 6, 2011

Quickie Friday: Turkey Sandwich

In an effort to mix things up here at Cookin' in Heels, as well as maintain regular posts, I introduce to you, peeps:


Sounds kinda dirty, right?  It's not, I swear.  These posts (occurring on Fridays, obvs) will be a glimpse into dishes that take very little prep and are, really and truly, quickie dishes that I like to keep on hand.

I realize that some of you might not want to see pictures of sandwiches here on the blog.  But some of you do.  And I live to please (those of you who do).

I realize a sandwich may seem too easy, but I think it's too easy to throw some turkey and cheese on bread and call it a sandwich.  That's boring, peeps.  This turkey sandwich, on toasted 15-grain bread, was layered with pepperjack cheese, red onions, turkey (obviously), tomato, and avocado mashed together with a little garlic salt.  Served with a garlic pickle spear, it was an extremely filling, very satisfying lunch.  And quick(ie)!

In the spirit of quickie Friday, I am also bringing "quickie" shoes, the likes of which can be found at any great knockoff emporium in your area.

via Forever 21

I love the lug sole on these, combined with the strappy tops.  And at $26.80, how can you go wrong?

I'll be back from The Vegas on Sunday and, if you're lucky, might include some posts related to my adventure!  See ya next week, peeps!

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