Friday, May 20, 2011

Quickie Friday: Nach'overs

Since I loved the "stuffing" to my chicken and black bean burritos, I thought I would use my leftovers for some tasty nachos (wolfed down unceremoniously while I stood over the counter, rushing to get ready for work).

The combination of black beans and chicken made this totally filling, and it satisfied my constant craving for Mexican-ish food.  I love me some leftovers, peeps!

Things I also love (although I would never admit it in mixed company):  shoes from Charlotte Russe.

I would never shop at good ole CR for a pair of shoes for a relevant or important occasion (they are unGODLY uncomfortable and usually don't last more than a wear or two . . . at least not well) but for schlepping around the beach, drinking an umbrella-accented Miami Vice at a tiki bar, they're just about right!

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