Friday, May 13, 2011

Quickie Friday: Spinach Salad

There are several things that I didn't think I'd ever hear the BF say.  One:  "I understand why you needed those $700.00 shoes."  Two:  "No, I don't want pizza bread for supper tonight."  And three:  "I could eat this salad everyday."  And here I find myself hearing that third statement regularly.  This is shocking, peeps.  SHOCKING.

But I certainly don't blame him.  I could also eat this salad EVERY day.  And it's so quick and easy:  well-washed baby spinach (the salmonella outbreak a few years back totally freaked me out), red onions, mushrooms, hardboiled egg whites, and bacon (no store bought, imitation bits for this girl.  I fry it up myself every time I make this salad).  I top the salad with Italian dressing and it is wonderful.  WONDERFUL.

Also wonderful, the price on these sandals:

via Target

While I was just technically on vacation in The Vegas, I think I need these for a future vacation.  One which doesn't involve 11 am cocktails and wasting my money on penny slots and deuces wild computer poker.


  1. that salad looks great im going to try it

  2. Leave the onion off and put a poached egg on top...YUM!! :)