Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Menu (Part One)

I made a rather extensive Valentine's meal for the BF and I, which included this and this, as well as this french onion soup.  Having never made french onion soup before, I was a little bit worried about how it would turn out, but it turned out AWESOME.

Soup bubbling in the front, toasty croutons in the back, messy stove-top ALL over.

I've had some great french onion soups in my day (the best EVER at Junior's in Times Square) but I was happy that mine almost measured up to the greats.

The (blurry) finished product.  Just enough crouton, just enough cheese, and plenty 'o' onion!  Loved it!  And so did the BF.  THAT is a Valentine's success, in my book.

Last Friday, my sister and her fiance decided to get married in The Vegas.  (Anybody who loves Sandy Cohen as much as I do can refer to it in no other way).  A wedding in The Vegas requires some SERIOUS foot fashion.

Christian Louboutin via Bergdorf Goodman

On any normal day of the week, these shoes would so NOT be my style . . . but for a wedding in The Vegas they're pretty much required.


  1. Oh yummy! Those would totally rock a wedding in Vegas : )


  2. I can't imagine walking in those shoes, but they would be fabulous for the wedding with a litle black dress!!

  3. Wow, those heels r to die louboutin, so much so that he appears in my blog title x

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