Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Dip

While it seems like just yesterday that my poor Bears suffered a chilling defeat to the (STUPID) Packers, it does not seem like just yesterday that I had this dip.  I love this dip (the recipe came from the BF's sister . . . THANK YOU!).  I could eat it EVERY day, and I would probably make it a lot more often if I didn't go to the trouble of carefully shredding the chicken by hand every time I make it.

I shred four chicken breasts into a baking dish (slightly smaller than a 9x13), then top it with a mixture of one cup of Frank's Wing sauce, 3/4 of a cup of light ranch dressing, and eight ounces of cream cheese (whisked together until smooth).

Topped with shredded cheese and baked at 325 degrees for about 20 minutes, it comes out hot, bubbly, and delicious.  The BF and I like to top it with a drizzle of the ranch and hot sauce, and jalapeno peppers, and eat it with tortilla chips.

Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry and, because of that, I'm probably going to have to put it on the superbowl menu!

Also on the superbowl menu:

Schutz via Shopbop

Since I will be cheering for neither the Steelers nor the (STUPID) Packers, I could cheer for them, looking fabulous on my feet!


  1. Oh yum! That goes for the shoes to haha


  2. Wow - that looks great. You have to love Franks Hot Sauce!!! I have succumb to using a rotisserie chicken when I need to shred chicken. As far as the Steelers - YUK!!! I guess I have to go for Green Bay although they were not my choice. Go Bills!!! HA :)

  3. This is the dip I tried to make for a christmas day appetizer to take to Erik's aunt and uncle's house - my recipe was in the crockpot though. I burnt it because I left it on low (instead of warm) for a couple hours while we left the house to go see his grandparents. Major fail! The cheese curdled - nast'! I was sooo mad! Prior to ruining it, it smelled so good and I was really looking forward to eating it. Maybe I'll make try it again this weekend for the Super Bowl. Erik would appreciate the addition of jalapenos on the top. Only I would mess up a super easy crockpot dip recipe!