Friday, February 4, 2011

When I don't Feel Like Cooking . . .

Skewers and a bottle of store-bought marinade are all I need. 

This week, amidst the crazy, I marinated some chicken in a caribbean jerk marinade, threw some grape tomatoes and red onions on (water-soaked) bamboo skewers, and grilled it all up in my handy dandy grill pan.  Easy peasy.

Sometimes, with this blog, I feel like I have to try big fancy recipes all the time but who has time for that?  I don't even work full time and I sure don't.  It's nice to have go-to dishes like this to make my night a little lot easier.

Also in the category of things that (will) make my life easier:

Jeffrey Campbell via Nordstrom

I love a blingy, metallic flat sandal for running around town.  I'm thinking these would be great for when my favorite aunt and mom come visit in two and a half weeks!


  1. Wahoo...I can't wait! I have lots of shopping to do!!

  2. When I don't feel like cooking I throw whatever I have in a crockpot and hope it comes out tasting good LOL

    Have fun with your visitors : )


  3. Store bought is so necessary sometimes! No matter how much we love to cook! Did I somehow miss it? Please tell me more about your new biz! I'd love to hear you trials and tribulations!! And thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for your well wishes today. I'm very nervous, but I'm hoping it all works out!