Friday, February 11, 2011

Chicken Scallopine

This is one of my favorite go-to chicken recipes.  I've made mine substantially less-complicated than Giada's since I first made it (less ingredients = quicker cooking on nights when I've been at work all day) but I maintain that my version is just as tasty as the original.

That is the chicken pre-annihilation.  That meat tenderizer/pounder thing is one of my favorite kitchen tools.  Great for the end of a long day.

I used mozzarella cheese instead of fontina, because I had the mozzarella on hand.  I will say that this recipe is better with fontina.  For sure.

Unlike Giada, I use an olive oil cooking spray in my pan and throw the garlic into the San Marzano sauce.  I also skip the wine phase.  I, honestly, don't notice too much of a difference either way, but others may disagree.

I didn't take an after picture but I figured this one from the food network would do.  The BF and I had a lot more sauce than that and it sort of drowned the chicken.  But it sure did taste good!  I served this with garlic mashed potatoes (for the BF), asparagus, and a side salad.

My BFF Danielle wore some Badgley Mischka shoes for her GORGEOUS wedding last May, and she informed me that they left her feet numb for two days afterward . . .

Mark & James by Badgley Mischka via Nordstrom

I'm REALLY hoping that won't be the case for my feet, when these inevitably end up in my closet.


  1. Cento Tomatoes - the only kind I use. I went on a vacation to Florida last week and was afraid they would not have them, but to my surprise, there they were on the shelf in Publix!! Recipes sounds way easier than my scallopine recipe, I will have to try it. And maybe I will use spinach instead of sage. Thanks.

  2. That looks really good, Ash. And thanks for the shout-out, too. Thought my feet would never recover from that day, ha!