Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I have never been one for Valentine's day.  Ever.  In high school I used to wear a necklace that actually said "I hate Valentine's Day."  Last year, the BF and I went to see The Wolfman.  That's how into Valentine's day I am.  And, 99% of the time, I forget that it's Valentine's Day because it is also (and MUCH more importantly) my BFF Erin's BIRTHDAY!


While I am not a huge fan of the holiday, I DID drag the BF to Gnomeo and Juliet this weekend (it was AWESOME . . . I don't think the BF enjoyed it but, then again, he's never even read Romeo and Juliet (or seen a film adaptation of it) so his opinion doesn't count) and I will be making a nice supper tonight (posts to come) so I thought I'd share a pic of my ideal table setting for this (stupid) holiday.

Love the black and white with the simple organic elements.  So chic.  And it could be used for ANY holiday.  I realize that black and white (on Valentine's day, especially) isn't everyone's taste, but it's mine, so too bad.  HA!

Another thing that would be great for the holiday (and any other day):

Report Signature via Bloomingdale's.

These suit my style perfectly, any day of the year.

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