Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For the Love of Breakfast

The BF found it hard to believe that I haven't posted pancakes on this blog yet, and I actually thought that I had.  I LOVE pancakes and, growing up, the only time we didn't make our pancakes from scratch was when we were camping (making pancakes with faucet water on a picnic table necessitates the use of bisquick, regardless of its inferiority).

My pancake recipe comes from the old version of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, and it's the recipe my family has used since I was a little kid.  The trick to a perfect pancake is to pour the batter on the griddle and LEAVE IT ALONE until bubbles form and they don't refill with batter.

Served with pepper bacon and a whole lot of syrup, these pancakes are one of my favorite things, and really give me (and the BF) an appreciation for foods made from scratch.

Today, on top of appreciating delicious foods made from scratch, I am also appreciating these:

Via Spiga via Nordstrom

I am already planning a birthday ensemble in my head, and these booties are DEFINITELY a part of it!

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