Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chicken Paprikash

I'm just going to be up-front and let you all know that I TOTALLY forgot an ingredient (sour cream) when I made this recipe early last week.

I am also going to be up front with you and let you know that the sour cream omission did NOT matter.  Not even a little bit.  Sure the sauce was less creamy.  BUT the sauce also had less calories because of the lack of sour cream, thereby securing its place in our "weeknight diet" arsenal without a problem!

The onions in the sauce sweetened up so nicely, and the paprika was sweet and smoky and delicious.  By the time the BF got home from work (much later than anticipated) the chicken was practically falling apart and couldn't have been more tender and tasty.

Add egg noodles and it's just about the perfect meal!

I saw these shoes at Macy's and I'm pretty sure I need them.

Jessica Simpson via Macy's.

I prefer the gray of course.  But these shoes are insane.  INSANE.  And I would be over 6 feet tall.  Only good things can come from being over 6 feet tall.


  1. Love your post its great, and the shoessss OMG

  2. I love anything that has chicken and noodles in the recipe, yum!

    You think I could rock these shoes Friday at playgroup LOL Can you even imagine me walking in with my diaper bag...maybe for a wedding I have in May! That would be more appropriate : )