Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baked Tortellini

Another Monday Tuesday has arrived and I find myself in SHOCK that it is mid-March.  The BF and I have had a steady stream of visitors for (what seems like) the last month, and our diet has gone to sh*t completely out the window (although that changed as of yesterday, more to come on that).

This baked tortellini (adapted from this recipe) was thrown in amidst our non-diet weeks, and it was as tasty as it was easy.

I used a mixture of chicken and garlic tortellini and three cheese tortellini.  Each bit was a total surprise because I had no idea what sort of flavor I'd be in for!

Had I used ravioli, I'm sure the dish would've been much more aesthetically appealing . . . but I never care about how my food looks (unless we have guests).

These shoes are NOT on my list of potential purchases for my big day (which is, for those of you who don't read regularly [and shame on you!], the day I graduate with my Master's) because they're a little too much to pair with an enormous graduation gown and ridiculous hood:

Prada via Bergdorf Goodman

They are not, however, too flashy for the beach (at least not to me) and, therefore, I will continue to love them unconditionally.

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  1. Holy goodness that looks UHmazingly yummy!