Wednesday, February 13, 2013

French Onion Soup

In the grand scheme of re-blogging recipes that I've blogged before, I bring you French Onion soup.  The previous version was delish, don't get me wrong, but this version was better.  Much better.

Mind you I didn't change the recipe.  No siree, I used the same recipe as my original post.  I just put more love into it.

And more love means better pictures.  Obviously.

I also sprung for really good gruyere this time around, which I believe made a big difference, as well.  The melting, flavor, everything were just . . . better.  Second time's a charm?

The F and I had this on New Year's Day and it was a perfect bonjour to 2013.

Bonjour . . . French onion soup . . . are we sensing a theme?

Saint Laurent via Saks

I am really hoping for a Parisian honeymoon, and I am quite certain that a Parisian honeymoon can't happen unless I own these shoes.  Just think, I can say Bonjour to France while wearing my Saint Laurent's and eating this soup.  Oui?

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