Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crispy Grilled Porkchops

There are very few foods which the F does not enjoy.  Mushrooms come to mind, as do sauerkraut (which I understand) and porkchops.  Pork.  Who doesn't like pork?  The man loves bacon, a pork chop is just an adjacent piece of deliciousness on the meat-spectrum, as far as I'm concerned.

Because of this . . . quirk . . . I set out to make pork chops in the most F-friendly way possible:  breaded and fried (kind of like these).  Or, more accurately, lightly coated in egg whites, breaded in panko with a hint of Asiago cheese, and "fried" in a grill pan coated with zero-calorie cooking spray.

And they were a hit (alongside some crescent rolls).  At first the F didn't even realize they were pork and that, peeps, is when I knew I'd succeeded.  All hail the Cookin' in Heels kitchen and my ability to mask pork as chicken. 

Let's talk, now, about masking slippers as "real" shoes.

via Topshop

What do we think, peeps?  Can I get away with wearing these as real shoes?  Would they make my feet look awfully snappy at my upcoming librarians' conference?  Or would I look like a Hugh Hefner wannabe (minus the satin smoking jacket, obvs.  Nobody can pull that off like Mr. H.)? 

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