Friday, October 28, 2011

Quickie Friday: Cheese Fondue

If you haven't gathered over the 13 months I've been writing this blog (holy crap, btw, where has the time gone), the F and I LOVE cheese.  A lot.  More than pretty much anything (not Arnie, though.  Nothing tops Arnie.).  This cheese fondue, which is just milk, cheddar cheese soup, salsa, and some shredded cheddar seemed to fit our cheese-loving bill.

Overall this dip was good, but not great.  If you're going to make a tasty cheese dip to enjoy while you watch football (or the World Series or the Real Housewives), go this route.

While going the grunge route, I would normally suggest a good pair of Doc Martens, but these could be a nice (read:  cheap) substitute:

They are called "Belt-Wrapped Grunge Boots," after all.  And what better way to channel your inner (or outer, if you're me) Nirvana fan than with a boot that says exactly what it is?

1 comment:

  1. You had me at cheese...seriously YUM!

    Happy Friday girlie : )