Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Greek Quinoa Salad

Morning, peeps!  I apologize for the extreme slowdown in posts, but believe you me I'm trying to kick the cooking into high gear (on the days when I'm actually home to cook, that is) so that the blog doesn't suffer!

I had never tried quinoa, but I work with a lot of women who are in very good shape and who swear by quinoa, so I figured I should try it (you really can't go wrong with a grain that contains both fiber AND protein, seriously).

Essentials for this salad:  kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, quinoa (duh), feta cheese, and I added some chicken (that I baked with Greek seasoning).  I use a cup of quinoa (cooked in 2 cups of water) and add enough of the other ingredients so that it looks like I have a little bit of everything.

When I pack this for lunch, I pack a little bit of light Greek vinaigrette, toss it well, and chow it down!  It's really filling and very delicious.  Next time I make it I'm going to add spinach, too, to give it more color (and iron).

The more I look at the B Brian Atwood shoes in stores or on blogs, the more I want a pair.

B Brian Atwood via Saks

These would be so great for both graduation AND the big day.  The dollars-per-wear just keeps making more sense . . .

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