Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yorkshire Pudding

Before Christmas, I sat down to watch The Best Thing I Ever Ate, on the Food Network, and Alex Guarnaschelli made a prime rib and yorkshire pudding that looked REALLY good.  I had seen yorkshire pudding before, but thought it looked weird and not like anything I'd want to try, but I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot with Tyler Florence's herbed yorkshire pudding recipe by my side.

The yorkshire pudding process is a quick one.  Once you pour the butter (or beef drippings, as the case my be) into the baking dish, you'd better bust a move to get your batter in the dish, too.

When I pulled the yorkshire pudding out of the oven, after its allotted baking time, the BF took one look at it and said "that can't be healthy."

Obviously, he was right.

I think I overcooked it just a bit, and it probably would've been better served with prime rib (which is more traditional) so that the pudding can be used to sop up the juices, but it tasted pretty good.

I wouldn't make it again, but it was pretty good.  There's bound to be a failure in the kitchen from time to time I suppose, right?!

These shoes, I think, would fulfill my current desires for open toes BUT I could wear them up in the arctic, with tights, because the platforms are high enough that the snow won't hit my toes.  I think.  I hope.

Joes via Solestruck.

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  1. those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yorkshire pudding, never had it. But would have to agree with the BF on the unhealthy part LOL