Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crunchy Granola

I have something to share today, people, something serious.  (You can tell how serious I am by the fact that I said "people" . . . not "peeps."  SERIOUS.)  This morning, I walked into my kitchen, and I saw the BF standing over a bowl of . . .


I am not kidding.  Granola.  This granola, to be exact.

I added vanilla and cinnamon to the mix, eliminated the cashews (yuck) and added extra raisins (because I love them).

Obviously, from the previous description above, the BF loved it.  When I told him I was going to make granola he informed me that he had no idea what it was. (No granola in Iowa?  Is that possible?)  I was thrilled that he liked it but, more important, thrilled that I liked it!  It's the perfect mid-morning snack.

These would also be a great mid-morning snack . . .

Brian Atwood via Intermix

. . . for my eyes.


  1. Haha...I'm not surprised he didn't know what granola was but rest assured we do have it in Iowa :):)

  2. Oh I love granola! Never made it myself though and would totally rock those shoes : )