Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Graduation

to me!  Tonight!  As the F has indicated, nobody probably cares because this is the fourth time I'm celebrating a graduation.  But if anybody were to care, it would be random people on the internet who read my blog and who weren't around to celebrate the last three!  So hooray!

Tonight, my ensemble will look something like this:

Thank God for the "unique cap" and "luxurious" fabric, not to mention my deluxe hood (which seems substantially less deluxe than my LAST hood, which had velvet on it.  I'm just sayin').  Because obviously that ridiculously oversized robe is made better by luxurious fabric.  Thankfully, my shoes don't look anything like those God awful things.


  1. Well as I say often...the F doesn't know anything...we care!!! Happy Graduation and congratulations!!!!