Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pepperoni-laced Lasagna

The F is on a constant quest for more pepperoni.  Not a meal goes by that I don't hear "you know what would be great with/on/in/alongside this?  Pepperoni."  I find it strange, yet endearing (which is one of the many reasons he's lucky to have me.  Obviously.).

In an effort to please, I used this recipe for a new spin on lasagna.  I should have been wary, having never sauted pepperoni before (the stench and leftover grease were APPALLING.  If there is such a thing as a lasagna-steam facial, I got one), but I set off to make this monstrosity nonetheless.

I am not going to mince words in this post, because it is VERY rare when I talk about how much I don't like something I've whipped up in the kitchen:  this lasagna was NO GOOD.  Perhaps more sauce would've made it better.  Or no pepperoni.  Or more pepperoni.  I have no idea. 

But as it was, neither the F nor I particularly cared for this recipe.  Maybe you wanna throw some pepperoni into your standard lasagna recipe, and that may be delicious.  But I wouldn't count on Guy's recipe, not at all.  (I should note, however, that apparently there's an ingredient error and the recipe should only call for one pound of lasagna noodles, not two.  That may have made all of the difference and I wish I had read the comments in advance!)

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday (and my upcoming trip to the arctic a/k/a Minnesota) and also of things that aren't what they seem, like the lasagna, I present to you these:

Not the typical shoe featured on this blog, amiright?  I ordered these because they are (1) faux-fur lined, (2) still heeled, and therefore sassy, and (3) weather resistant, because I know not what kind of inclement weather I will encounter in the tundra.  Also, comfortable!  Quite the combination.

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