Monday, November 19, 2012

Slow Cooker Not-Fried Refried Beans

When I came across this recipe for refried beans that weren't at all refried, I had to pin it.  Immediately.  And tell everyone I knew about it.

Refried beans are one food that I can say I firmly and adamantly HATED as a child.  "All rice, no beans," I would declare during every, single Mexican meal I consumed.

And while my love of rice continues, my love of refried beans grows stronger by the day.  I added four jalapenos to these beans (not one as the recipe suggested.  We all know I like my food spicy), but otherwise followed the directions exactly.  When it came time to drain the beans, I got a full soup-bowl full of liquid out and set it aside (but I didn't figured you'd want to see a picture of bean juice.  Am I right, peeps?!).

The beans were so soft, after removing most of the liquid, that I was able to mash them easily with a wire whisk.  I left them slightly chunky, but obviously mash to the consistency you desire.

We enjoyed these beans with shredded chicken (also cooked in a crockpot (not the same one as the beans, obvs.) [4 frozen chicken breasts, two jars salsa verde, low, 9 hours, shred.  Voila!]), diced onions and red cabbage, tortillas, and topped with queso fresco.  This meal was so delicious and satisfying, not to mention low in calories, that I can assure you it will be on heavy rotation in our house.

In the vein of my "all good things come from pinterest" meals, I bring you shoes that I found on pinterest.

Jean-Michel Cazabat via Endless/Amazon

I don't have anything else to say about these other than that they are the perfect black shoe and I DESPISE that Endless is now a part of Amazon.

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