Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Easy Creamed Spinach

Do you ever find yourself with a not-yet-expired but not-salad-worth bag of spinach in your fridge and think what in the WORLD should I do with this stuff?!  It happens to me regularly, so I was really excited to come across this recipe for creamed spinach that requires a mere 1/4 cup of half and half!

Spinach is one of my favorite things and I'll eat it any which way, but I really love creamed spinach but hate that it's normally so terrible for you.

While this recipe is obviously not scant in calories, it's certainly not as bad as the others that I've tried which call for copious amounts of heavy cream.  

When the sauce cooked down it was super creamy and the flavor, from the cheese and onions, was wonderful.  I used a white onion and lots of garlic in mine, as well, to give it a little something extra.  Garlic is a girl's best friend.

These, while not currently in my possession, could certainly become my new best friend:

Sergio Rossi via Barneys

They're a great librarian shoe, with the t-strap and slightly muted color palette.  And I love them.

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