Monday, August 20, 2012

Spice-Rubbed Pork Skewers with Tomatoes

Full and up front disclosure:  this is not a dish that I will ever make again.  Not because it was bad (I loved it) but because it wasn't wildly popular with the F (his palate doesn't lean towards Asian food flavors) and I prefer to make crowd pleasers as opposed to crowd "meh's."

I will say, however, that this recipe was both easy and light, making it ideal for those who love pork, love to grill, and love soy sauce, tomatoes, and sesame oil.

The other bonus - this recipe was FAST.  The pork is sliced thin so it doesn't take long to cook, and you know it's time to eat when the tomatoes start to char and burst.

There are few things that I enjoy (produce-wise) as much as a tomato charred on the grill.  That is one thing that I will do again and again, even if this recipe never makes it back into the fold.

Another thing that I tend to do again and again, despite my better judgment, is go shopping-CRAZY at the Nordstrom pre-fall anniversary fashion insider (or whatever they call it) sale.  The store has areas tented off where only fancy customers (myself included) can shop, so I picked these up:

Franco Sarto ankle booties

image via, at Nordstrom here

I don't have any shoes this color, nor do I have many ankle boots (only one pair, if you can believe it, and in black) so these had to come home with me.  The allure of the super secret special tent didn't hurt, though.

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