Monday, July 23, 2012

Chicken and Black Bean Grilled "Burritos"

As I sat down to write this post, I began to think about what makes a burrito just that . . . is it a sauce?  Is it the composition?  Is it just an arbitrary moniker given to delicious, meat (or cheese!)-filled tortillas? 

I don't think it really matters, but I'm curious for your input, peeps.  On an unrelated note - these are the VERY LAST of my crappy pictures from cooking in my crappy apartment!  HOORAY!

The filling for these tortilla treats consisted of sour cream, onion, black beans, shredded chicken, and a variety of spices (cayenne, cumin, garlic, oregano, white pepper, salt, etc.).  I simply rolled the filling in a whole wheat tortilla, threw it in my grill pan to crisp up, and served!

A little salsa and avocado on top (not shown) and this made a perfectly filling and easy meal!  The leftovers would be great on tortilla chips or in a pita, too.

This weekend marks the first big wedding event since we got engaged:  my bridal shower!  I'm flying home to ND, and thanks to the F I have these fabulous shoes to wear all over town (and I'll be over-shoed.  Obviously.  While not always overdressed in ND, I am always over-shoed).  If I wanted to take it up another notch, I think these would be great:

Jimmy Choo via Neiman Marcus

Perhaps I'll but these out for my next trip north.  They're the most logical choice, after all.

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