Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Saturday Sip: Skinny Pina Coladas

My sister in law was in town about a month ago for our annual pilgrimage to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.  In order to prep for the main event, we drank these skinny pina coladas.

For a pitcher of these bad boys, I combined equal parts pineapple juice and strawberry vodka, without about a cup of coconut vodka, and then topped the whole thing off with club soda. 

We had them over ice and garnished with fruit.  Festive, low-cal, and nice to look at - I don't ask for much more.

Also nice to look at:

This bag was purchased for me by the H in Paris.  I love it.  It's a lot bigger than it appears at first glance, and since I live in Florida I can get away with the light color year round.  Festive and nice to look at, am I right?

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