Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eating on the Moon: Rome

Last but certainly not least in our honeymoon culinary adventures came Rome.  Rome was wonderful.  Rome has lots of wine.  And noodles.  But very few toilet seats.  Remember that, peeps, should you ever take a Roman Holiday.

Our first night in Rome we were tired, but finally defrosted after dealing with much colder temps in London and Paris.  We wandered around and came across a little bar that was blasting 80s Madonna.  There's nothing bad about that, amiright?  I went with a traditional pasta carbonara while the H had chicken.  Smothered in cheese.  Just like he likes (and just like he can get at home, but that is neither here nor there).

While we traveled, we made use of pocket-sized Frommer's guidebooks that we hoped would help us choose restaurants.  By the end of the trip, it became a running joke that we were getting "Frommered" because half the restaurants in the book were closed.  THANKS FOR NOTHING, BOOK.  Well, not for nothing, because the book did recommend La Carbonara.  It was totally hidden and hard to find (and up a big hill) but well worth it.  The mozzarella and pancetta were fab, as was the ravioli and steak.  The tiramisu was also heavenly (but so rich.  SO rich).  Thanks for that, book.

On one of the last days of the trip, we went shopping for handmade leather loafers for the H near the Spanish steps.  It started to rain so we ducked into a little trattoria.  We had no idea what to expect, but this lasagna was BY FAR the most delicious thing I ate in Rome.  It was heaven on a plate.  The H's rigatoni with peppers wasn't half bad, either.

We had pasta with artichokes (and other good stuff that I can't recall) and some amazing salted pork at the Enoteca Provincia Romana, near the Forum.  It's a great little wine bar and was really close to everything.

This meal, at Enoteca Cavour 313, may have been the other food highlight of Rome due to the simple fact that the atmosphere was wonderful and our waitress was a delight.  We had a great meal of antipasti, wine, and this wonderful chocolate hazelnut ice cream concoction, and we left full but not uncomfortable.  Also, we love cheese, so that didn't hurt.

We had to venture off the beaten path, a bit, our last night in Rome because a lot of the restaurants were closed.  We ventured out into the suburbs to a restaurant with an insanely rude group of servers but a wonderful drink menu and great food.  I had the tagliatelle and the H had steak and potatoes (in a fancy Roman style, naturally).

Rome was awesome and I was glad to end our long trip on such a high note.  We were really able to take it easy there, eat a lot, drink a lot, and relax a little!

I'll be back to regular posts next week, peeps!  Thanks for reliving my honeymoon culinary adventures along with me!

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