Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eating on the Moon: London

I'm back, peeps!

The H and I had a fabulous time at our wedding, as well as during all of the pre-wedding festivities, and the honeymoon was a wonderful success.  The H surprised me with a trip to London, Paris, and Rome and we ate.  And ate.  And ate our way around those three cities!

First up, London.  We hit up a great little restaurant in Shepherd Market called The Market Brasserie.

I had this awesome chicken, balsamic, mushroom something or other.  With cheese, natch.

And the H (it feels very strange to type that) had this bitchin', spicy risotto with chicken.  Had I known that we were going to end up in Rome, I probably would have steered away from either of us ordering Italian food, but I was just along for the ride and had no idea where we were going, other than London, so we ate as we felt, in the moment!

We also shared this amazing flourless chocolate torte with ice cream and strawberries.

Obviously I failed at the number one blogger duty:  don't take a photo before you dig in.  Oh well!

We also managed to eat at a French restaurant in London - Aubaine. 

This salad had frise, pomegranate seeds, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and buffalo mozzarella.  It was amazing.  I had a steak (which I failed to photograph) and the H had lobster spaghetti:

To say that we ate well would be an understatement.  Later that night we did a tour of some of the oldest pubs in London, and had an awesome time.  I definitely recommend checking out some of the old bars (especially Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese) if you find yourself across the pond!

On our last day in London we decided to do the Jack the Ripper tour.  The weather was freezing, the H was sick, and I wanted Indian food, so we headed to The Liberty Bounds, a pub with regular pub food (for the H) and Indian food (for moi).

The F had this enormous chili dog, with onion rings and chips, while I dug into some chicken tikka masala.

I am a huge lover of Indian food (law school BFF and I used to go out for Indian regularly) and this hit the spot, particularly since it was so cold out.  London has great Indian food - a big plus for me!

As for other London adventures, we did some shopping (Harrod's and Fortnum & Mason, anyone) and saw all of the sights - and ate a lot more, as well.  Some of the food in England isn't exactly photo-worthy, so I did my best to capture the really good stuff.  After London we left for Paris by train and didn't look back - that food post, coming up next!

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