Monday, March 17, 2014


For my birthday, the H bought me tickets for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.  The big event finally rolled around, and we had so much fun.

First up, we saw Alex Guarnaschelli.  She is BY FAR my favorite Food Network chef, and I couldn't wait to see her demonstration.  Mo Rocco (whom I also love) introduced her as the Tracy Flick of the culinary world, which was enough to send me over the edge, but her demo was just awesome.  She seems as delightful in person as she does on tv.  And when I asked her who her favorite chef is, she told me it's Bobby Flay, which also delighted me.

We also got to see (and meet!) Trisha Yearwood.  She is a DELIGHT.  Absolutely wonderful  She even sang "Wrong Side of Memphis" while she iced a cake.  I want her and Alex to be my new BFFs.

We missed Giada's demo (it conflicted with Alex's and I have my priorities) but I did see her at her book signing, standing with this random person.  We also saw demos by Andrew Zimmern, Masaharu Morimoto, the Deen family, and Aaron Sanchez.  Aaron was HILARIOUS.  He cursed up a storm so I had to add him to my future BFF list, too.

I would definitely recommend the big event to anybody who likes to eat and drink as much as the H and I do.  I got a couple of autographs out of the deal, and was close enough to Tyler Florence to touch him (I didn't.  I wasn't trying to get arrested).  It was a GREAT weekend!

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